Cost of Sports Massage –approximately 1 hour     $65.00

All plans will be personalized to the horse’s needs with consideration given to how long the condition has existed, the age and workload of the horse and the nature of the injury or condition.

Example of a treatment plan for a specific performance problem or obvious muscle injury:

     Week 1 – 3                              One massage per week
     Weeks 4 and beyond            as needed*

*Factors such as conformation and the horse’s job may determine the need for additional maintenance massages.

Example of a plan to maintain flexibility and optimal range of motion:

     One massage per month*

*This would be appropriate for a horse that is in heavy training or competing on a regular basis. (Trailering can be very hard on horses muscles)

  • A discount will be given for two or more horses massaged at the same barn on the same day
  • A discount will be given for maintenance massages
  • A trip fee will apply to distances greater than a 40 mile radius of Athens

You should see immediate, dramatic and lasting results in 1 to 3 massages if the problem is muscular. Very often a horse’s issue can be resolved with just one massage!

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