Equine Sports Massage Therapy uses massage strokes invented for human athletes and perfected by the 1960’s Soviet Union Olympic trainers to give their athletes an edge. It is used in the equestrian world to help injured muscles heal and healthy muscles to stay flexible and pain free. Sports massage for our equine athletes is different than other forms of massage because it focuses on the cause of muscle dysfunction and not just the symptoms.

During the massage I use compression and direct pressure to spread the fibers of the muscles, freeing restrictions and adhesions. This allows the blood supply to flow more easily, carrying oxygen and other nutrients to the muscles and at the same time, removing metabolic waste. Equine Sports Massage is always done as a full body massage without the use of gimmicks or gadgets. I use only my hands so I can feel the muscle tension and adhesions on the horse. This is a non-invasive, very powerful therapy used for injured muscles and for muscle maintenance. I massage each major muscle group of the horse from head to tail, providing your horse with balanced relief.

Gail working on a horseGail working on a horseGail working on a horse
Gail Smith

As a lifelong lover of horses and a horse owner, I know how frustrating it is to deal with “mystery injuries”. We have all had to endure our horse being “off” for no apparent reason and losing valuable riding and training time. This is what led me to equine sports massage therapy. So many of our horse’s performance and behavioral problems are due to muscular pain, and now I can relieve that pain! It gives me tremendous satisfaction to help our equine partners.  -- Gail Smith

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